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Hi, I’m Nikki! I’m here to tell it to you straight. I’m not someone who is going to push another fad diet and/or exercise program. I believe that health and fitness is a continuous lifestyle, not some ‘30 day quick fix’. 

My focus is to empower YOU to take charge of your own health journey by inspiring, supporting, and educating. Success is generated by consistency. You deserve to show up for your goals & dreams!

My training style is a mix of Strength training and HIIT. My Online Programs are designed to simultaneously tone and strengthen the body, burning fat and sculpting muscle. Whether you have access to a gym, or prefer to work out at home with minimal equipment, I have a program for you! 

I want to empower you to reach your goals; let’s do this together! You are capable of so much, don’t let negative self talk dictate your life.  

Nikki McGrath

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My app is Video Based!

My Online programs aren’t a pdf…each exercise has a video of me demonstrating the movement, as well as a written description. No more “guessing” on how to do the exercise!

Follow along a Program, or choose your workout!

When you sign up for my app, you unlock all of my Programs: 

Full Body Gym Program 

Glute Sculpt Gym Program 

At Home Full Body Sculpt 

Lower Body Workouts (Home/Gym)

Upper Body Workouts (Home/Gym)

Full Body Workouts (Home/Gym)

Ab Sculpt Program 


Online Community

When you join my App, you get access to my Online Community full of babes like yourself.  Get 24/7 support and accountability. 

Communicate with me directly 5 days a week

In-app messaging so we can work together on accomplishing your goals.

Let's work together to reach your goals!

Whether your looking for an At-Home Program, Gym Program, Nutrition Coach, or Meal guide, I’m your girl! Let’s work together & create an action plan that works for you and your goals. 

Tone and strengthen your body w/ me!

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Full body workouts that leave you energized

go beyond your limits


"I loved the workouts and they were for sure easy to understand and I really like that I could make them easier for me if needed too. The program was actually very easy to figure out and it paired with my Apple Watch which made it easy to track my workouts"​



"Nikki is amazing!! As a mom of 3 it's hard for me to find time for anything, so I have been doing Nikki's online workouts. Let me tell you, they are far from easy! I'm left dripping in sweat but feeling amazing! The workouts are the perfect amount of time to get done during nap time and very effective! I haven't had one workout I wasn't sore after! Nikki is super helpful with modifications and is really knowledgeable about the moves as well as any nutrition question you might have. She is always a text or call away when I have any questions about anything! I highly recommend her programs for any and everyone. She is an absolute gem and truly cares! "​



"As soon as I got Nikki's Nutrition Guide I was so amazed and thankful to her. It made me really energized to start this process and keep going with my goals!"​


"When I got Nikki's Nutrition Guide...I think I fell in love with her. What an amazing, insanely informational Guide! So grateful for the time she put in to make it, everyone should enjoy this. "​


"I've been working with Nikki for Nutrition Coaching for about 6 months ​and WOW, I have learned so much. I feel like I understand what I'm putting in my body, and am making healthier choices for not only myself, but my whole family! I feel leaner, healthier, and have more energy. Nikki is an absolute DOLL, and makes you feel very comfortable. She explains complex information in a way that totally makes sense. Thank you Nikki!


"I decided to work with Nikki via her Nutrition Coaching Bundle and her 4 Week Meal Guide. It was so nice having a plan for my meals that made sense and worked with my goals. Nikki's coaching sessions are so informational, and really inspired me to get back on track.  "​


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