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4 Week
Meal Guide

What you need to know:

My 4-Week Meal Guide focuses on plant based, whole foods. There are 3 Meals & 1 snack scheduled in for every day of the week. The best part about this meal guide is that it’s more than just a meal guide: 

I’ve designed this guide to be educational and interactive. At the beginning of the PDF, I’ve created zones for you to write down your goals and realistic meal times that work for you and your lifestyle. To get the best results, it is recommended to tailor this plan to what will realistically work best for you. Make it yours!

Each week will have a “Healthy Habit”, “Focus Zone”, and “Coach Tip”, as well as an area to jot down notes about how you’re feeling. This is not just a meal plan…it’s a journey! So feel free to take as much time on each “week” as you need too. Once you’ve completed the 4 weeks, start it over again. 

All the recipes are listed at the end of the guide. 

Download is easy as 1 2 3! It’s a PDF form, so you can save it to your device and have it forever. I recommend printing out each weeks spread sheet and putting it up on your fridge. 




What you need to know:

Holistic Nutritionist

Certified Nutritionist and Weight Loss Specialist via NASM.

 Nutrition has been my passion ever since I can remember. I started reading books about Metabolism, Superfoods, and general diet health at 12 years old and have strived to deepen my understanding of the human body ever since. 

Nutrition is something that is very confusing and vague in this day and age, and I’m here to guide you and teach you about foods and how they affect your body. 

I’m not just going to say “don’t eat this, eat more of that, chew 500x and blah blah blah.” I’m going to inform and explain why eating a more whole foods, plant based diet is beneficial, as well as showing you how fun it can be!  

Your first 15 minute session is FREE. Book your zoom call today, and let’s work together on helping you take charge of your diet in a healthy, loving way!


My Whole Foods, Plant-Based Meal Guide

My 4-Week Meal guide is more than just a guide.  It’s an educational, interactive experience that is designed to support you and your goals! It is based on a Pescatarian diet, but you can very easily add in lean meat choices. Download yours today!


Nutrition Coaching with
Nikki McGrath

My Nutrition Coaching focuses on “inspiring, not requiring”…I want to empower YOU to take charge of your health journey. I teach how to eat healthy, what “healthy” foods are, how your food & environment affect your body, essential minerals and vitamins, the importance of “putting it all together”… all in a manner that is personalized to YOU and YOUR GOALS. Schedule your FREE Call today!


"As soon as I got Nikki's Nutrition Guide I was so amazed and thankful to her. It made me really energized to start this process and keep going with my goals!"​


"When I got Nikki's Nutrition Guide...I think I fell in love with her. What an amazing, insanely informational Guide! So grateful for the time she put in to make it, everyone should enjoy this. "​


"I've been working with Nikki for Nutrition Coaching for about 6 months ​and WOW, I have learned so much. I feel like I understand what I'm putting in my body, and am making healthier choices for not only myself, but my whole family! I feel leaner, healthier, and have more energy. Nikki is an absolute DOLL, and makes you feel very comfortable. She explains complex information in a way that totally makes sense. Thank you Nikki!


"I decided to work with Nikki via her Nutrition Coaching Bundle and her 4 Week Meal Guide. It was so nice having a plan for my meals that made sense and worked with my goals. Nikki's coaching sessions are so informational, and really inspired me to get back on track.  "​


Before & Afters

After 30 days: Cassie lost 12 lb and 3 inches 







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