What does Exercise make you think of?

For me, exercising was and is something I love to do. I could spend hours everyday doing it and not get bored. But, it also used to promote feelings of pressure and perfection. Like, I couldn’t be happy with myself until I reached a certain look; insane abs, had zero cellulite on my arms and butt, and maintained a toned physque all day everyday.

I’ve learned that having a view like that is toxic and unhealthy. Our bodies are meant to change in reaction to our daily life (example: stress can cause inflammation= bloated look). Working out isn’t a destination, it’s a lifestyle. I’ve learned to let go of wanting my body to be “perfect” all the time and asked asked myself where I got this unrealistic definition of a “perfect” body (society!!).

Guys, everyone’s body & shape is beautiful. Working out doesn’t need to imply “abs and thigh gap” – it can mean whatever you want it to be. For me, I’ve changed working out from “pressuring myself to be ‘perfect’ ” to something I do 4-6x a week because I love my body, want it to be healthy, and like to see results and get the gains.

So, ask yourself, how do you currently view exercise? As a toxic pressure? In relation to body dysmorphia? Peer pressure? Unhealthy self esteem?

I’ve been there and experienced those feelings. You’re not alone. There is only one you in this universe, and you are absolutely beautiful.

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