Your #1 Relationship

The most important relationship you can have in life is the one with yourself. 

At the end of the day, it’s only how you feel about yourself that truly matters. People could compliment you all day every day, but if you don’t truly feel that way about yourself, and don’t think that your WORTH it, those compliments don’t really stick, do they? 

I’m not saying become narcissistic. There’s a balance. Love yourself unconditionally so that you feel comfortable when you’re alone, or when you’re in a room full of crowded people that you don’t know. 

We are surrounded by a society that tells we need to constantly be what we’re not. Ignore it. Figure out what makes you happy. What makes you shine. Ask yourself what are your greatest strengths. Why you’re here. What your purpose is. And write down everything and anything that comes up. 

You are you, and there’s no one else out there that has that gift. So let’s stop comparing and trying to be someone we’re not and just dive deep into ourselves and be yourself SO MUCH that you shine everywhere you go🌻

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